Am I able to print more than one copy?

Yes! You own the right to print as many copies as you like, as long as they are for personal use. Personal use includes pre-schools and play groups. As long as you are not selling parts or all of the pack you will be okay.


Some of the pages don't print or print incorrectly. Do I have the wrong file?

To ensure the best printing, please make sure you have selected "Print as Image" in Adobe Acrobat reader. 

1. Open file in Adobe Acrobat and select "Print".
2.In the print menu select "Advanced"
3. Select "​Print As Image"
What is the best way to print these files?
We recommend for best quality to send the files to a print shop (like Staples or Kinkos). If you want to print from home, using matte photo paper or presentation paper will produce the most vivid colors.